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Maya Beaudry Tree Museum
Frances Adair Mckenzie Migraine Season
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw Loose Leaves
Isabel Yellin The Presence of Absence
Jacob Todd Broussard Afters
Ted Gahl, Betty Kingseed Ted Gahl & Betty Kingseed
Anna Binta Diallo Voyageur/Almanacs
Maria Trabulo At a Stone’s Throw
Kareem–Anthony Ferreira Dual Homes
Hangama Amiri Spectators of a New Dawn
Maria Trabulo Wake Up the Statues
Tristan Unrau 50 Million Years
Anna Binta Diallo Wanderings
Laura Piasta Chime Shift
Jen Aitken, Liam Crockard Unreliable Objects
Liam Crockard Breadwinner
Dana Slijboom Ranch Dressing
Dylan Macaulay Locale
Ted Gahl Lights